August 16th, 2006, 4:35 pm

Rules for Sprite Fight

Your entry MUST be submitted by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, August 30th. Mountain time, of course. Send it to me ( Nayno ) in a private message.

Be sure to specify whether your entry was made in MS Paint or another image editor. If it's in MS Paint and you do something really fancy, you might want to be prepared to explain how you did it.

You may resubmit your entry as many times before the deadline as you like, but you will receive no feedback from the judges unless you technically violate a rule. We'll judge the last entry that you send us before the deadline.

Graphics Rules
Your comic can be in any format you want, as long as it fits on 1000 wide x 4000 high pixels and is less than 200kb in size. I recommend PNGs if you have size troubles.

You must use at least one character sprite out of the spritesheets provided. You may not use sprites from outside sources.

You may modify the provided sprites as necessary. Recolors are allowed. Anything beyond that, just make sure we can recognize where the original sprite came from. Special effects in any kind of image editing software are allowed.

Important distinction: You CAN put a cowboy hat on your sprites. You CAN'T put a Met hat on your sprites. Met hats come from Mega Man, and that is an outside source, even if you draw the pixels with your own hand. The general rule of thumb is that if you create it yourself, it's allowed. But remember that we are looking for a sprite comic and not a pixel art comic.

Word bubbles are basically a free for all. Use whatever style you like.

Writing Rules
Don't be excessively vulgar. Be edgey, by all means, but remember that there will be ladies on the judging panel.

Don't forget to use proper grammar and spelle werdz rite. It's not a rule, but it saves us a headache.

There will be one award for the funniest comic. This will be the only award based on writing.

There will be two awards for best graphic design. One award for comics made in MS Paint, one for comics made in anything else.

Judges may invent additional awards for especially creative and impressive comics.

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